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Software Testing Services

As a leading software testing company in Hyderabad, Telangana,India, with a commitment to serve the best of quality, our Desktop/Web/Mobile App testing teams aim to enhance cost-effectiveness and reduce rework time by identifying possible issues at the early stages of the project life cycle with an unbiased assessment of the quality of the applications, through a well thought of mix of manual as well as automated testing.

As an independent software testing company, Nfinity LLP offers sophisticated and exhaustive Software Testing services, with a committed, competent and proficient testing team, dedicated to persistently refining quality. Our demarcated standard testing procedures have a perfect amalgamation of manual as well as automated testing. Our primary focus is to ensure enhanced quality at each junction of the project, target almost zero Post Delivery Defects, and achieve utmost customer satisfaction with consistent analysis and even-handed assessment.

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Our Software Testing Services

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Automated Testing Services

We provide discrete focus to Automated software testing services by having individual teams that incessantly, are well-informed of the modern testing tools and provide their inputs to our esteemed customers. Understanding the increasing importance of the agile development methodology, we skillfully, simulate scenarios and mix, both manual and automated testing, as a part of our test plans and test cases.

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Manual Software Testing

Being one of the leading manual testing companies, Nfinity helps to improve and stabilize the software applications ensuring reduced cost and accelerated delivery. As our testing team has gained hands-on expertise in manual mobile testing and web testing, we can easily address complex challenges to deliver a successful solution with minimal risk. We follow industry-standard manual software testing processes and methodologies which help our clients to meet their quality assurance goals.

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Penetration Testing Services

As a leading pen testing company, we ensure your systems are safe and sound through effective penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. Our security testing services will identify security weaknesses of your software architecture and improve the effectiveness of defensive mechanisms.

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Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is essential to test your website’s performance under load, stress, and certain conditions like the increased volume of transactions, resource usage, complex configurations, and so on. It is crucial to maintaining the performance of your software product by examining responsiveness, scalability, and consistency. With a consistent approach to quality, our QA consultants make sure you will get responsive, faultless, and secure web and mobile apps.

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